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The Mystery of the Disappearing Bedroom Suite

The office I worked at with my mother, LRP Biz, was owned by a big corporation named XYZ Company. XYZ Company also owned a handful of construction companies. In around 1995, there was a big construction boom in our area. New condominiums were going up everywhere. Many of them were being built by XYZ Company.

XYZ Company didn’t have an office close by, and it just so happened that we had some empty space at LRP Biz. XYZ Company moved into our office, and it became a very busy place. The man who was leading the construction projects, Tim Loughlin, was also the Vice President of XYZ Company. He was one of the big bosses and he exuded self-confidence and charisma. I really liked that man a lot. He was always impeccably dressed in suits and his personality just took over a room the minute he walked into it. The general manager of LRP Biz, Rob, got along great with Tim as well, so everything seemed great.

The paperwork for the construction companies began to pile up, and Tim announced that he needed someone to look after the administrative duties for the condo developments. He wanted that person to be me. I was thrilled! I divided my time easily between LRP Biz and the construction companies. I loved it, and was really good at it. Tim was very happy with my work.

Everyone was happy. Tim was happy, Rob was happy and I was super happy. There was one person who wasn’t happy, though.

My mother, of course.

She complained about the construction constantly. “It’s interfering with the attention you’re giving to LRP!” she would chant.

No it didn’t.

“All of the traffic in and out of the office is disruptive,” she’d whine.

No it wasn’t.

She never stopped bitching. Of course, she would never complain to Tim Loughlin about it.

She wasn’t happy, because I was happy. Plain and simple. I was becoming a little bit of a golden girl, and she absolutely hated it.

The whole construction scene was a thorn in her ass, from start to finish. There was a part of me that secretly enjoyed how much it rubbed her the wrong way. She didn’t have control, and that bugged her INTENSELY.

Much to my sadness, the construction projects eventually came to a close. The condos were all sold off, and there was several display units that were still completely furnished. They had been decorated by an interior designer and everything in them was gorgeous, and brand spanking new. Each display condo looked as if people actually lived there, and every room was furnished. Those particular units needed to be emptied out, so the new owners could move in.

Tim, forever the nice guy, decided to give everything away to his employees. He made the announcement to my mom and me, with a wave of his hand and a twinkle in his eye.  He shouted, “I just want it out of there!”

This sounded exciting!

Tim was hardly out of earshot, and my mother whirled around and hissed at me, “Don’t you ask him for anything!”

My heart sank, but I didn’t argue.

The great and powerful office supervisor had spoken.

So, to make a long story short, I watched her, and some other employees, go on quite the shopping spree.

She hadn’t wanted anything to do with the condo projects. She’d thwarted me at every turn. It was amazing to me, that all of a sudden she loved the construction company, and just about lived at the display units, hauling things back to her house.

With her looting complete, sitting in her own big house on the hill, she preened and fussed over her new acquisitions. On the odd occasion, she would give me something that, she’d decided, wasn’t up to her standards. I remember her giving me two fake brass end tables with glass tops. A bit of the brass was wearing and peeling off them. Then a couple chairs, that didn’t fit in with her d├ęcor, were thrown my way. I know it sounds pathetic, but I was grateful for what I got.

She kept all of the good stuff for herself. She’d gotten a beautiful love seat and over-sized easy chair. There was a wood end table with big chunky legs, and built in drawer. There was quite a bit of other stuff too, including more easy chairs, end tables, pictures and knick-knacks.

You can imagine how much I loved going over to that house and seeing those things, some of which, should have been mine.

In retrospect, I look back and think, “what the hell?”

Believe me, I was thinking that at the time. I just felt so powerless. I felt like I had to do what she said. She was the office supervisor. I wasn’t Trixie - I was Freda’s daughter. She was the one who had gotten me the job at LRP Company in the first place.

I don’t know how I was compartmentalizing all this crap at the time it was happening. I was still nice to the woman. I don’t know what was going on in my head, or where I was putting all of the feelings associated with the situation. I was pretty confused about what was going on around me my whole life, so maybe that’s what it was. I didn’t expect any better, I guess.

I don’t know if it was because Tim Loughlin noticed me sitting in the sidelines during the furniture free-for-all, or what it was, but one day he told me that there was a bedroom suite in the last display unit, and that I could have it. I was so excited! I didn’t have access to a truck right at that moment, but I wanted to go and see it. My mom decided she wanted to come too.

The furniture was gorgeous! There was a queen size bed with beautiful brass headboard. The bed was neatly made up with an elegant bedding set. There were two huge dressers, one a highboy, and the other was long and sleek, with a big, opulent, mirror. There were matching end tables, pictures on the walls, and two lamps. I couldn’t wait to pick it up and get it all home.

I didn’t own a truck, so I made arrangements with a friend who did, to go get it the following weekend. I could hardly wait to see it set up in my room! Back then, I didn’t have much money, and anything extra that we had, went towards stuff for Sunny.

Well imagine my shock, and disappointment, when I got to the condo and the bedroom was empty. My beautiful furniture was gone. I’m not kidding. I was crushed. I had no idea what the hell was going on.

When I saw Tim at the office on Monday, I asked him about it. I didn’t feel comfortable even approaching him about it, because it was such a generous offer in the first place. I was just so upset, and I wanted to know where it had gone. It was supposed to be mine.

Tim seemed a little distracted and in a hurry, and he said, “I don’t know what happened, maybe someone else grabbed it by mistake.” Then he said, “I’ll look into it.”

I dismissed his demeanor, thinking he was probably in the middle of something important. He was a really busy guy. I left it with him, and never mentioned it again. He didn’t bring it up again either. I didn’t push it because he was my boss, and I didn’t think it was appropriate to keep bugging him. I was really disappointed, but I let it go.

Life continued to tick along until one day, probably about a month or two later, I made a trip to my parent’s house. My daughter had spent the night with her grandparents, and I was picking her up.

As soon as I was through the door, Sunny came running up to me and exclaimed, “Mommy, come and look at my new bedroom!”

I followed her up the stairs to the guest room. I had no idea what I was about to see. Seriously, I did not see it coming. Sunny rushed ahead of me to flick on the bedroom light.

Sitting there, in all its glory, was my bedroom suite.

My bed with the brass head board, made up with the same beautiful bedding that was on it at the display suite. The dressers, the lamps, the pictures - it was all there.

It took me a moment to fully absorb what I was seeing. I could not believe my eyes, I really couldn’t. When I finally turned around to look at my mother, she was right there, standing in the doorway with a smirk on her face.  Her hand was covering her mouth, kind of like you’d see a naughty, devious child do.

I honestly felt removed from my own body. I don’t know how better to describe it. I felt like I’d entered the Twilight Zone, into another dimension. I was very shocked and confused.

I was afraid to get mad, because all hell would have broken loose with my father. I would have been called a troublemaker, and it just would have made it worse for me. At that point, I was so overwhelmed with the events that had unfolded, I don’t think I’d even digested it yet. My mother had STOLEN from me.

The next time I saw Tim at work, I told him what I had seen at my parent’s house. I’m sure he could see the confusion written all over my face, and he immediately admitted that he knew my mom had taken it. You didn’t see Tim flustered very often, but that’s how he looked when he said, “I didn’t know how to tell you. I told her that she would have to take it up with you.”

“Take what up with me?” I asked.

“She told me that she wanted the furniture, and I told her that I’d already promised it to you.”

“She knew that you already gave it to me,” I said, probably sounding more exasperated than I should have when talking to my boss.

"I told her if she wanted it, then she’d have to take it up with you first,” he said.

At this point, Tim was looking for an escape route and I didn’t blame him. I could tell that he was disgusted with her dirty little trick.

He knew what I was going to say before it came out of my mouth.

“She didn’t take it up with me.” I put a smile on my face and added, “But it’s not your fault.”

“I had no idea that she took it until you asked me where it was,” he said, looking me right in the eye. “I was as shocked as you were.”

I had no doubt he was telling me the truth.

I saw something in his face when our eyes met. It was sympathy, and lots of it. I could feel my face start to burn with utter humiliation. I was deeply embarrassed. I will never forget that look. Not ever.

The saddest part, is that my mom could have gone out and bought the exact same bedroom furniture, without putting a dent in her bank account. She drove a BMW and lived in a brand new, four thousand square foot house, filled with brand new everything.

Yeah, she’s a princess alright.

So, do you think that’s the end of the story?


About 5 years later, my husband and I got married. Take a guess what my mother gave us for a wedding gift.

Drum roll please….


I know, I know, don’t even say it.

The woman is a total bitch.

Have I ever received an apology from her?

No, I haven’t.

Do I think I ever will?

No, I do not.



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  1. That is exactly the kind of dirty trick my mother would have pulled if the opportunity presented itself. I hope you have gone No Contact with her...and that your daughter is kept as far away from her pernicious influence as humanly possible.


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